Grant support

In the framework of the “Complex technology development and employment” scheme of the Economic Development Programs, Palotás-Mix Gumiipari Kft. was awarded a non-repayable EU grant in an amount of HUF 63.13 million. During the project of nearly HUF 444.5 million total expenditure, the company implemented the complex development of the technology and infrastructure of its headquarters in Kemeneshőgyész.
In the course of the investment, new equipment resulting in the modernization of the technology was purchased, which also led to capacity expansion.
In the framework of the infrastructure and real-estate property investment, the company constructed a new production hall, and realized external infrastructure developments to put in place proper operating conditions for the operation of the facility.
The expansion of the technology to be used, as well as the enhancement of output also necessitated the recruitment of new employees. As an outcome of the project, Palotás-Mix Kft. created jobs for 10 people. This form of the company’s growth-oriented business operations directly promotes higher employment levels in the region.
As a result of the development, with the improvement of the quality and productivity of the applied technology, Palotás-Mix Kft. has the chance to successfully enter international competition, and strengthen its market position in the production of rubber compounds.
Awarded with a HUF 63,131,822 grant in the “Complex technology development and employment” grant application scheme  of the GOP 2.1.3-12 program, the project of HUF 444,468,224 total expenditure was started in February 2013, and closed in November 2014.
The project was implemented with the support of the European Union and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund.